The Villas

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The villas are truly the special gem of this project and will be constructed to the buyer’s wishes. 

The building permit allows for a total of 400 sqm of living space, spread over up to three villas. Anything is possible, from one large villa with 400 sqm, to three villas of different sizes and shapes. This means a maximum in flexibility and creativity for the buyer. Choose the size, location and positioning of your dream villa on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Building contractor Trifoglio s.r.l. is an expert in high-end construction and interior finishes and will work with you to make your little piece of heaven become reality. Furthermore, you get to enjoy all the features & amenities of the premises, e.g. (heated) infinity pool, golf cart, wine supply, property management and rental services. 

The aerial illustration provides the proposed locations. Click on each arrow for more information about this location.

SPERETO TUSCANY Apartments & Villas - Real Estate For Sale in Tuscany

Be Creative

Imagine your private underground parking, wine cellar, whirlpool and fireplace on a spacious terrace, fold away glass door fronts, and much more, paired with the unobstructed views across the Tuscan hills. Making your wishes come true is what we strive for.

SPERETO TUSCANY Apartments & Villas - Real Estate For Sale in Tuscany

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