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Apartment 11 PUNTERIOLO

Apartment 11, PUNTERIOLO, is situated on the first floor, with some additional garden space. This unit shares its outlines with unit 4 on the ground floor. This unit comes with a covered balcony that faces south-east, overlooking the pool area, but also opens up to the north-west to let in the evening sun and air from opposite sides, providing natural airflow.

Unit Specifications:

(all information provided on this website may be subject to change at any time.)

ATTENTION! The layout (also see drawings) is only a suggestion. The inner walls are placed at the time of purchase according to the buyer’s wishes.

  • Living / Kitchen Area: 19,70 sqm
  • Bedroom: 15,60, sqm
  • Bathroom: 5,24 sqm
  • Hall: 3,47 sqm
Total Living Space: 52 sqm on 1 level (first floor)

– unmatched high-end quality construction & workmanship
– earthquake-safe construction

Interior Features

– floor heating/cooling system with
– aluminum windows, double pane, Corten-effect, powder-coated
– high-efficiency insulation

Exterior Features

– Travertine patio, as indicated in beige (open layout)
– carport, reserved parking
– shared pool, with various sundecks for a maximum in privacy, sunbeds & seating, umbrellas and shade structures


The apartments, with the exception of the show unit, Apt. 5, are offered without interior fittings, meaning that items, e.g. floors, kitchen, bathrooms, wall treatment are for the buyer to choose and install. The building contractor Trifoglio s.r.l. is an expert in high-end interior finishes and will supply the buyer with an estimate and complete the interior to their wishes, allowing the buyer the maximum flexibility in how they want to finish their little piece of heaven.

Telephone & Connectivity

– each unit is equipped with telephone line, SAT cable TV/Internet

Maintenance Fee based on unit size.

The fee includes the following services:

– Yard Service, lawn care of private and public green areas
– General Property Maintenance
– Pool Maintenance
– Use of all property owned items and spaces, e.g. pool side furniture, general unassigned parking

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